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pendantics by sarah

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Pendantics by Sarah
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Pendantics is the home of unique, hand-crafted jewlery by Sarah (incognito323).

Each pendant is about 1.5" X 1.5" and is handcrafted with porcelain. Each pendant is painted with watercolor stains and is finished with an acrylic satin finish. A wire loop is set into the porcelain, so that the pendant can be used as a necklace. Leather cord is avaliable in dark brown, tan, and black in a standard size.

Regular pendants, made with special papers, are 10 USD each, plus shiping and handling. [Cash or money order only, please.]

Some pendants are made with authentic vintage stamps, and cost slightly more, depending on the rarity and avaliablitiy of the stamp. Inquire about avaliablility.

Pendantics also offers a special service. If you didn't see anything in the CURRENTLY FOR SALE post, this post has other avaliable stamps, special papers, and stickers avaliable for you to customize your very own Pendantics pendant.

Simply pick a single paper and specify a color and you will have your very own, one of a kind Pendantic pendant. This special service can be found HERE.